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Be Ready For Calgary’s Early Snow Fall

nvc.frontloaderAs a snow removal and  sanding company New View Construction knows how important keeping a forward eye on the weather can be.  What we experienced last year was record breaking, and even this summer we had more rain fall than we have had in almost 100 years.

If you are keeping track of the 2016 Fall Winter Forecasting for Calgary Alberta, you will already know they are expecting early snow fall and a long winter snowy season.  This early now can start as early as November and with continuing cold temperatures, icy conditions has quickly develop.

Don’t let your business be caught off guard with a parking lot full of snow, and no winter contract in place.  By this time, all the snow removal companies are already clearing snow for other properties, and finding a spot to fit you in can be challenging before your sidewalks, entrance ways, and parking lots become slippery, icy and dangerous.

It only takes a minute to call us and get a quote at 587-316-5033 or email:

We have been in the snow removal business for 5 years now, and own all our own equipment, are fully bonded and offer full winter snow removal and sanding services contracts for commercial, acreages and small businesses.  With the purchase of our new  2016 Kubota Front Loader there is no job too big for our company to handle.

It’s a bit like your vehicle tires, you don’t wait until snow arrives before you get them mounted on your vehicle, as the line-ups at that point and the towing trucks are booked solid.

So call us right now, and let’s get you protected! Call New View Construction at: 587-316-5033 TODAY!

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